“1000-lb Sisters” Star Stuns in a Swimsuit After Dramatic Transformation and Looks Unrecognizable

Tammy from 1,000-lb Sisters has wowed the internet with her amazing transformation. She’s shared her weight loss story and shown great willpower, losing over 400 pounds (181 kgs). In her recent pictures, she’s hardly recognizable, smiling in a striking swimsuit.

How the sisters became popular.

At 37, Tammy, from Dixon, Kentucky, first appeared on “1000-Lb Sisters” in 2020. She and her sister Amy were already known on YouTube for their fun videos and many fans.

Together, the sisters weighed over 1,000 pounds and struggled with losing weight and eating right. By 2024, they’ve come a long way. Here’s a glimpse of Tammy’s remarkable path. She took on the challenge to improve her life. She spent 14 months at Windsor Lane Center in Gibsonburg, where she met her husband, who sadly died in 2023.

After surgery in late 2022, Tammy now weighs 285 pounds (129 kg), losing over 400 pounds (181 kg).

She’s doing well, healing from her loss, and staying in touch with fans on TikTok, sharing videos and time with her new cat. A major health scare pushed Tammy to focus on her health, and she keeps inspiring others.

Tammy had many health issues because of her weight. In November 2021, she was in the hospital on life support and needed a tracheostomy but recovered well.

Fans have been praising Tammy’s new look and her inspiring journey. Some say she’s done better at getting healthy than her siblings. Some fans are curious about Tammy’s pose with her friend, wondering if they’re a couple.

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