Stop Wearing Jeans Once You Reach This Age..

Stop Wearing Jeans Once You Reach This Age…

A surprising number of things, like driving a car and making hotel reservations, are not permitted until you reach a certain age. On the other hand, it seems like you can get older and stop being able to do some things. Jeans are a fairly common practice, so there’s that.
You can outgrow your favorite pair of jeans, according to fashion experts. There is a limit, though, above which experts advise against giving away denim. The blogger offers facts to back up her claim, showing that this is more than just a matter of preference.

The data was acquired by CollectPlus, a UK courier business that recently polled 2,000 national consumers. They were questioned regarding their preferences in apparel, buying habits, and even the perfect pair of jeans.

The respondents appeared to agree, based on the final results, that people over the age of 53 shouldn’t try to fit into denim. The reason? However, it’s not because of what you’re wearing. Finding a pair that fits only gets more difficult as you get older.
Sadly, the numbers are not favorable for denim enthusiasts. One in ten people over the age of 50 who participated in the study said they tried on up to six different pairs of shoes before finding the right fit. The report also showed that by the age of 53, the majority of adults experience their highest levels of stress while shopping for jeans. Even 6% of consumers became so upset that they broke down in tears.

Regardless of your age, finding the perfect pair of blue jeans might as well be a mission impossible. According to statistics, people actually spend an average of five to eight days looking for jeans. The fact that most people wait at least another three years before investing in a new pair is therefore not surprising.

If you choose to wear your favorite pair of jeans until you are retired, we will back you in that decision.

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